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Welcome to Beyond Computers! New IT Concepts

Beyond Computers covers all the latest IT news and reviews, with the most up to date technology and concepts in IT. Computing is advancing at a ferocious rate, with which with have to embrace the changing environment our schools, offices and homes undertake. New technologies such as virtualisation (virtualization), consolidates physical machines, in to virtual machines. This virtual reality world is the jump pad for future technologies, such as artificial intelligence.
There is no reason to believe that our homes will be without artificial intelligence in the coming years - its already on the way now. Fridges that re-order when your low on milk, lawnmowers that mow that perfect cut, robots who answer the door for you is just around the corner. Watch this space!

This website is aimed to bring you a brief overview of New IT Concepts, VMWare and Virtualization, Artificial intelligence
This site is a work in progress. Updated regularly by our team of content writers check back soon for latest additions…

A '''hard disk drive''' ('''HDD''', also formerly known as a '''fixed disk drive''') is a digitally encoded non-volatile storage device which stores data on the magnetic surfaces of hard disk platters.
Hard disks were originally developed for use in connection with, or later inside, a single computer.
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